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“” derived its name from the word native, meaning: “that which is inborn, present in the organism, innate and natural.

Reiki Center for Natural Healing
635 Southpointe Court
Suite 130
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Phone: (719) 632-1644 Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Friday and Sunday, Classes on Saturdays

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Reiki Center for Natural Healing

“Healing through Balance”

Barbara Scott, RMT, RScP

Master Reiki Instructor / Reiki Practitioner

Life Coach / New Thought Educator & Coach

• Energy Healer • White Light REIKI Master/Teacher
• Science of Mind Practitioner
Inspiration – Restoration – Empowerment – Transformation
Body & Mind, Emotion & Spirit


Attunement, Instruction and Certification
All Levels:  First, Second, Masters
Reiki, Energy Healing, Affirmative Prayer & Spiritual Support.

(719) 784-7133  Colorado Springs
Monday–Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. | Mountain Time Zone


Reiki Colorado Springs (West Side) Energy HealerInstructor: Barbara Scott, RMT, RScP
Barbara is a member of the Holistic Networkers Association of Colorado Springs, the national membership association Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, and a certified affiliate member of the Emerson New Thought Center.

Barbara is a certified White Light Reiki Master / Reiki Practitioner with over 20-years of experience as a Reiki Master/Reiki Teacher. Barbara works as an energy healer and also has a Second Degree level in Ama Deus which is a hands-on energy healing method derived from the 6,000 year old sacred teachings of the Guarani Indians of the Amazon Rain Forest.

Barbara is also a Science of Mind / New-Thought Practitioner (change your thinking, change your life) licensed through the Center for Conscious Living in Moorestown, New Jersey where Barbara coordinated as Chairperson for the Healing Arts Coalition. She was also a healing arts practitioner and founding board member of HorsePath—a New Jersey based non-profit organization—providing opportunities for healing, transformation and interspecies community through equine related experience.

Barbara is continually expanding her education by studying and understanding the application of spiritual principles for personal-healing, personal-development and personal-transformation. Likewise, Barbara holds classes regularly, teaching how to incorporate and apply the fascinating concepts and principles of the “Science of Mind”, “Power of Thought”, “Positive Thinking”, “Law of Attraction”, “Deliberate Creation”, “Conscious Living”, and “Spiritual Mind Treatment” so you can intentionally and creatively design and change your life!

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National membership association Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Emerson New Thought Center/ENTC Certified Affiliate


Member: Holistic Networkers Association of Colorado Springs
Holistic Networkers Association of Colorado Springs